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Peter G. Zograf
Peter G. Zograf
Chief Researcher

Reception hours:

By appointment


1973-1978 St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University

Academic degrees:

1983 Cand.Sc. (PhD), St.Petersburg (Leningrad) Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute

1989 D.Sc. (Dr.habil.), St.Petersburg (Leningrad) Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute

Scientific interests

  • mathematical physics
  • moduli spaces
  • enumerative combinatorics

Selected publications

19 Delecroix V., Goujard E., Zograf P., Zorich A., Large genus asymptotic geometry of random square-tiled surfaces and of random multicurves; preprint.
18 Delecroix V., Goujard E., Zograf P., Zorich A., Counting lattice points in moduli spaces of quadratic differentials, accepted for publication in Proceedings of the ICM 2022.
17 Korotkin D., Zograf P., Tau function and moduli of meromorphic quadratic differentials, SIGMA 18 (2022), 001; preprint.
16 Delecroix V., Goujard E., Zograf P., Zorich A., Masur-Veech volumes, frequencies of simple closed geodesics and intersection numbers of moduli spaces of curves, Duke Math. J. 170:12 (2021), 2633-2718; preprint.
15 Janssen O., Mirbabayi M., Zograf P., Gravity as an ensemble and the moment problem, Journal of High Energy Physics (2021), 184; preprint.
14 Zograf P.G., Tensor networks and the enumerative geometry of graphs, to appear in Journal of Mathematical Sciences.
13 Delecroix V., Goujard E., Zograf P., Zorich A., Enumeration of meanders and Masur-Veech volumes, Forum of Mathematics, Pi, Vol. 8 (2020), e4; preprint.
12 Delecroix V., Goujard E., Zograf P., Zorich A., with an appendix by Engel Ph., Contribution of one-cylinder square-tiled surfaces to Masur–Veech volumes, Astérisque No. 415, Quelques aspects de la théorie des systèmes dynamiques: un hommage à Jean-Christophe Yoccoz. I (2020), 223--274; preprint.
11 Aggarwal A., Delecroix V., Goujard E., Zograf P., Zorich A., Conjectural large genus asymptotics of Masur-Veech volumes and of area Siegel-Veech constants of strata of quadratic differentials, Arnold Math. Journal, 6:2 (2020), 149-161; preprint.
10 Delecroix V., Goujard E., Zograf P., Zorich A., Uniform Lower Bound for Intersection Numbers of ψ-Classes, SIGMA 16 (2020), 086; preprint.
9 Takhtajan L.A., Zograf P.G., Local index theorem for orbifold Riemann surfaces, Letters in Mathematical Physics 109 (2019), 1119–1143; preprint.
8 Korotkin D., Sauvaget A., Zograf P., Tau functions, Prym-Tyurin classes and loci of degenerate differentials, Mathematische Annalen, 375 (2019), 213-246; preprint.
7 Zograf P.G., An explicit formula for Witten’s 2-correlators, Journal of Mathematical Sciences 240 (2019), 535-538; preprint.
5 Kazarian M., Zograf P., Rationality in map and hypermap enumeration by genus, St. Petersburg Math. J., 29 (2018), 439-445; preprint.
4 Alexeev N.V., Andersen J.E., Penner R.C., Zograf P.G., Enumeration of chord diagrams on many intervals and their non-orientable analogs, Advances in Mathematics, 289:5 (2016), 1056-1081; preprint.
3 Zograf P., Enumeration of Grothendieck’s Dessins and KP Hierarchy, International Mathematics Research Notices, 2015:24 (2015), 13533-13544; preprint.
2 Mirzakhani M., Zograf P., Towards large genus asymptotics of intersection numbers on moduli spaces of algebraic curves, Geometric and Functional Analysis, 25:4 (2015), 1258-1289; preprint.
1 Zograf P., Kazarian M., Virasoro constraints and topological recursion for Grothendieck’s dessin counting, Letters in Mathematical Physics, 105:8 (2015), 1057-­1084; preprint.