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Winter School-Conference “Analysis, Geometry and Mathematical Physics – 2021”

Winter School-Conference “Analysis, Geometry and Mathematical Physics – 2021” will take place in Chebyshev Laboratory from December 13 to December 15. The school is supported by the Russian Science Foundation grant 19-71-30002.

14th line V.O., 29, St. Petersburg

Zoom Meeting id: 872 3743 7777 (Passcode was sent to all the registered participants. If you don`t know it please write an E-mail to Marina Lantsova)

Program and abstracts


  • Nicola Arcozzi, University of Bologna
    A biased survey of dyadic potential theory (video)
  • Anton Baranov, Saint Petersburg State University
    Spectral synthesis for systems of exponentials and reproducing kernels (video)
  • Marco Bertola, SISSA and Concordia University
    Character varieties, shear coordinates and cluster algebras (video)
  • Alexander Borichev, Aix-Marseille University
    Approximation by the simplest fractions in the Bergman spaces (video)
  • Nikolai Filonov, POMI and Saint Petersburg State University
    On the spectrum of differential operators with periodic coefficients (video)
  • Dmitry Korotkin, Concordia University and CRM
    Isomonodromic deformations, Goldman bracket and Fock-Goncharov coordinates (video)
  • Ari Laptev, Imperial College London and Saint Petersburg State University
    From Weyl asymptotics to Lieb-Thirring Inequalities (video)
  • Galina Lazareva, ​Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow
    Mathematical modeling of melt rotation during pulsed heating of a metal target (video)
  • Nikita Rastegaev, POMI and Saint Petersburg State University
    Dissipation ratio dependent vanishing viscosity solutions of the Riemann problem for the conservation laws system representing chemical flooding (video)
  • Leon Takhtajan, Stony Brook University and Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute in St.Petersburg
    Character varieties and moduli spaces (video)
  • Anton Zorich, Skoltech and University of Paris
    Count of meanders on surfaces of higher genera (video)


Program Committee:
Anton Baranov, Saint Petersburg State University
Yurii Belov, Saint Petersburg State University
Sergey Tikhomirov, Saint Petersburg State University
Petr Zograf, Saint Petersburg State University

There will be several live and several distant talks. All talks will be available in Zoom. The information about the channel will be sent to all registered participants. If you plan to attend the conference and listen to the talks please register via the LINK.