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BSc program in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

In 2015 an undergraduate program in mathematics was launched at the department of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University. Studies are carried out within the framework of the new educational program “Mathematics” (01.03.01), aimed at training specialists in the field of mathematics and computer science. The Council of the Program is chaired by the Scientific Leader of the Chebyshev Laboratory, Fields medalist, Professor of the University of Geneva Stanislav Smirnov.

Features of the program:

  • Advanced level of training.
  • The undergraduate program has been developed by leading foreign and Russian scientists.
  • The Council of the Program includes both experts from the world’s best scientific centers and academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Excellent teaching staff.
  • Active research.
  • Student participation in international scientific activities in Chebyshev laboratory.
  • Funding student participation in international conferences.



Fizmatclub is a formally nonexistent educational organization. The mission is to present a choice of courses in modern mathematics and mathematical physics to those students of St. Petersburg universities who really need it and ready to spend an extra time tonight and at weekends. The attendance on our courses is free for everyone. The students are encouraged to pass exams at the end of the courses, but it is not a necessary requirement. Successful and active students who demonstrate high skills in theory and especially in solving nontrivial problems can expect a carrier support from the top mathematicians of St. Petersburg and a material support in attendance of Russian and International mathematical schools for students.

Fizmatclub was started at fall 2004.  This reflects in a big diversity in the program. We have a Sundays program for senior high school students and primary undergraduates. The main core of the program is various advanced courses and seminars addressed to postgraduate and PhD students. Here the stress is made on broadening the scientific horizon, one of the slogans is “Mathematicians should learn physics, physicists should learn modern mathematics”.

Club Coordinator: Nikolai Mnev (


Computer science club

The Computer Science Club was founded in St. Petersburg in September 2007 with the help of Anton Likhodedov. The Club is currently supported by Anton Likhodedov (Deutsche Bank) and Yury Bogdanov(Rigmora Holdings).

The main goal of the Club is to provide undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals, access to high quality education in the area of Computer Science. Lectures by St. Petersburg, Moscow and foreign instructors and researchers are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays at Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg (27 Fontanka Emb.). The core courses are graded and typically have a final exam. Some of the city universities allow their students to use Club course credits towards their Computer Science degree requirements. Attendance is open to everyone and is free of charge. Since 2007, more than 1000 undergraduate and graduate students took advantage of the Club’s courses.

Club Coordinator: Alexander Kulikov (


Lektorium is a free video library of university courses and seminars containing more than 4000 recorded lectures and with the audience exceeding 105000 persons.

Lektorium helps us to record and store videos of lectures.