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Algebraic groups

Organizers: Nikolai Vavilov, Alexei Stepanov, Anastasia Stavrova

Forcoming talks:

April 8, 2021 Raimund Preusser (St. Petersburg State University), “Irreducible representations of Leavitt algebras”

Past talks:

26 March 2021 A.V. Lavrenov (СПбГУ), “Morava motives of projective quadrics”

16 March 2021 Maneesh Thakur (Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore), “The Albert problem on cyclicity of Albert division algebras”

23 February 2021 Igor Rapinchuk (Michigan State University), «Abstract homomorphisms of algebraic groups and applications»

16 February 2021 Waldemar Holubowski (Silesian University of Technology), “On normal subgroups in infinite dimensional linear groups”

05 February 2021 Kuntal Chakraborty (IISER Pune), “NK1 of Bak’s Unitary groups over graded rings”

26 January 2021  Andrei Smolensky (SPbU), “Root systems of type E_{k,n}”

05 December 2020 Jeroen Meulewaeter (Ghent University), ”Structurable algebras and inner ideals: Moufang sets, triangles and hexagons»

8 December 2020, Ning Guo (Institut de Mathématique d’Orsay),”The Grothendieck-Serre conjecture over valuation rings”.

30 November 2020, V.A. Petrov, «Isotropy of Tits construction»

24 November 2020, Alex Wertenheim (UCLA), «Degree One Milnor K-Invariants of Groups of Multiplicative Type»

16 November 2020 Александра Сонина, «Многообразия Горески-Коттвица-Макферсона и кольцо Чжоу симметрического пространства Е6/F4»

10 November 2020 Alexander Merkurjev (UCLA), «Classification of special reductive groups»

2 November 2020 Anand Sawant (TIFR), «Motivic version of Matsumoto’s theorem»

19 October 2020 Simon Rigby (Ghent University), «Bi-octonion algebras, algebraic groups, and cohomological invariants»

5 October 2020 Vladimir Sosnilo, «Comparing Nisnevich descent, Milnor excision, and the pro-cdh excision»

28 September 2020 Raimund Preusser (St. Petersburg State University), «The subnormal structure of classical-like groups over commutative rings»

21 September 2020 Anstasia Stavrova, «Isotropic reductive groups over Laurent polynomials»

14 September 2020 Sergei Sinchuk, «A pro-group approach to the centrality of K_2 (joint work with A. Lavrenov and E. Voronetsky)»

23 June 2020 Katrin Tent (University of Muenster), «Defining R and G(R)»

19 May 2020 Andrei Jaikin-Zapirain (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), «Free Q-groups are residually nilpotent»

12 May 2020 Egor Voronetsky, «A new approach to centrality of K_2»

5 May 2020 Andrei Smolensky, «Root subgroups centralizers in Kac—Moody groups»

28 April 2020 Agatha Atkarskaya (Bar Ilan University), «Group-like small cancellation theory for rings (joint work with A.Kanel-Belov, E.Plotkin, E.Rips)»

21 April 2020 Egor Voronetsky, «Twisted forms of classical groups»

14 April 2020 R. Hazrat, «Leavitt path algebras»

7 April 2020 Nikolai Vavilov, «Commutators of elementary subgroups: curious and curiouser»