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Prizes and Scholarships of “Gazprom Neft”

Since 2013 under the social investment program “Home Towns” the Company “Gazprom Neft”
has been awarding prizes to young mathematicians, who have achieved outstanding results in the scientific world.

  • “Postgraduate Student” (only for SPbU`s students, full-time form of education),
  • “Young Postdoc” (less than 3 years after Ph.D. defense),
  • “Postdoc” (from 3 untill 6 years after Ph.D. defense).

Winners of the prizes become members of the Chebyshev Lab (if have not been employed before) for a one-year period with increase scholarship (up to 60 000 rub. per month) or salary  (up to 80 000 rub. per month for young postdocs and up to 100 000 rub. per month for postdocs).  Everybody interested can participate, including current members of the Chebyshev Lab.  Every candidate should meet the necessary criteria (see the text below).

Candidates of all specialties are welcome, but preference will be given to applications close to the main topics of the laboratory (e.g. mathematical analysis, algebra, probability, mathematical physics). Candidates are not obliged to change the main area of their research interests.

In 2019 candidates could apply till 17:45 (MSK) 10 June, 2019 via the system Pure SPbU. The application included:

  1. Research statement (incl. references) of 1-2 pages. Research statement should briefly reflect the results already achieved by the applicant in this direction, the tasks that the applicant is planning to work on, and possible methods for solving them (it should be attached as a separate file named “Supplement” in the section “Documents”, name “Surname_ResearchStatement.pdf”
  2. CV (1-2 pages) (it should be attached as a separate file, with a name “Surname_CV.pdf”)
  3. List of your publications. The list should be attached as a separate file with a name “Surname_publ.pdf”.
  4. List of other achievements – information about personal scholarships, grants, prizes and awards for your scientific work, information about participation in international conferences, etc. (it should be attached as a separate file, with a name “Surname_prochee.pdf”).
  5. Text of article or  graduate/term thesis  (it should be attached as a separate file, with a name “Surname_paper.pdf”).
  6. Information about dissertation advisor (-s), theme and year of Ph.D. defense.
  7. Names, affiliations and contacts of 2-3 people willing to send recommendation letters if asked by the committee,

Candidate who is nit employed in SPbU can register in the system Pure SPbU following the link You can find the detailed information about how to apply in 2019 following the link: The Order approving the Competitive admission procedure for personal prize of the Company “Gazprom Neft” in 2019.

“Gazprom Neft” prize winners of previous years:


  • “Postgraduate Student”— Ramis Sh. Khasyanov
  • “Postgraduate Student” — Alexander S. Kuznetsov
  • “Young Postdoc” — Egor Y. Voronetsky


  • “Postgraduate Student”— Ivan A. Bochkov
  • “Postgraduate Student” — Vladislav R. Romanovskii
  • “Young Postdoc” — Roman A. Lubkov


  • “Postgraduate Student” — Ekaterina N. Simarova
  • “Postdoc” — Maria V. Platonova


  • “Postgraduate Student”— Anastasiya Y. Ulitskaya
  • “Postgraduate Student” — Pavel B. Gvozdevsky
  • “Young Postdoc” — Yana I. Teplitskaya
  • “Young Postdoc” — Danila D. Cherkashin


  • “Postgraduate Student” — Ekaterina V. Shetka
  • “Young Postdoc” — Andrey V. Lavrenov
  • “Young Postdoc” — Kirill S. Ryadovkin
  • “Postdoc” — Alexander O. Zakharov


  • “Postgraduate Student”— Egor Y. Voronetsky
  • “Postgraduate Student” — Yulia P. Petrova
  • “Young Postdoc” — Maria V. Platonova
  • “Postdoc” — Andrey E. Druzhinin


  • “Postgraduate Student” — Ilya I. Nekrasov
  • “Postdoc” — Sergey S. Sinchuk


  • “Postgraduate Student” — Elena V. Ikonnikova
  • “Young Postdoc” — Albert A. Mingazov
  • “Postdoc” — Sergey O. Ivanov


  • “Postgraduate Student” — Maria V. Platonova
  • “Young Postdoc” — Andrey E. Druzhinin
  • “Postdoc” — Alexey S. Ananyevskiy


  • “Postgraduate Student” — Alexander A. Logunov
  • “Young Postdoc” — Roman V. Bessonov
  • “Young Postdoc” — Sergey O. Ivanov


  • “Postgraduate Student” — Pavel B. Zatitskiy
  • “Postgraduate Student” — Dmitriy M. Stolyarov
  • “Young Postdoc” — Alexey S. Ananyevskiy
  • “Young Postdoc” — Tatyana S. Sherbina
  • “Young Postdoc” — Yuri S. Belov.

Scholarships of “Gazprom Neft” for SPbU students.

In 2013 — 2015 scholarships were given to best students at the Programme `Mathematics’  of SPbU Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. Since 2016 scholarships have been being given to the best students of SPbU at the Programme “Mathematics”.