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Workshop «Nonlinear PDEs and Modelling»

Workshop «Nonlinear PDEs and Modelling»

On Friday, December 3, from 11:00 till 15:50

Room 120, (14 line VO, 29.)


11:00 — 11:50, Konstantin Kalinin. «Mixing zone growth rate estimates. Finite initial data case»
12:00 — 12:50, Yulia Petrova. «Looking for exact mixing velocities in miscible displacement: two-tube approach»
14:00 — 14:50, Alexandr Enin. «The Neumann problem for generalized Xenon equation with fractional Laplacian»
15:00 — 15:50, Nikita Rastegaev. «Spectral asymptotics for a class of integro-differential equations arising in the theory of m-integrated fractional Gaussian processes».


Everyone is welcome!