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Sergey Sinchuk
Sergey Sinchuk


10.2013 Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Mathematics (SPbU)

06.2010 Specialist degree in Mathematics (SPbU)

Scientific interests

  • linear algebraic groups
  • Steinberg groups
  • non-stable K-theory


5 Sergey Sinchuk, Parametrized symmetric groups and the second homology of a group; preprint (2017).
4 Sergey Sinchuk, A note on K_2 of Kac-Moody groups over fields, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 534 (2017), 174-180.
3 Andrei Lavrenov, Sergei Sinchuk, On centrality of even orthogonal K_2, Journal Pure and Applied Algebra, 221:5 (2017), 1134-1145; preprint (2016).
2 Sergei Sinchuk, On centrality of K2 for Chevalley groups of type E_l, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 220:2 (2016), 857­-875; preprint (2015).
1 Sergey Sinchuk, Injective Stability for Unitary K1, revisited, Journal of K-Theory, 11:2 (2013), 233-242.