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Fedor L. Bakharev
Fedor L. Bakharev
Senior Researcher


09.2006 Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Mathematics (PDMI)

06.2003 Specialist degree in Mathematics (SPbU)

Scientific interests

  • functional analysis;
  • spectral theory;
  • wave propagation;


14 F. Bakharev, A. Enin, A. Groman, A. Kalyuzhnuk , S. Matveenko, Yu. Petrova, I.Starkov, S. Tikhomirov, Velocity of viscous fingers in miscible displacement; preprint (2020).
13 Bakharev F.L., Nazarov A.I., Existence of the discrete spectrum in the Fichera layers and crosses of arbitrary dimension; preprint (2020).
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11 Bakharev F., Campoli L., Enin A., Matveenko S., Petrova Y., Tikhomirov S., Yakovlev A., Numerical investigation of viscous fingering phenomenon for raw field data, Transport in porous media, 2020, p. 1-22.
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