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Mikhail Dubashynskiy
Mikhail Dubashynskiy


10.2013 Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Mathematics (PDMI)

06.2009 Specialist degree in Mathematics (SPbU)

Scientific interests

  • spaces of analytic functions
  • geometry of riemann surfaces
  • geometric measure theory
  • potential theory

Additional Information

Lecture notes (in Russian):

  1. Gamma-convergence and compact concentration
  2. Otal-Rosas bounds for laplacian eigenvalues
  3. Quantum ergodicity


2 Mikhail Dubashinskiy, Infinite excitation limit: horocyclic chaos, Journal of Geometry and Physics,161 March 2021 (2021), 104053; preprint (2020).
1 Mikhail Dubashinskiy, Periods of $L^2$-forms in an infinite-connected planar domain, Comptes Rendus Mathematique 354 (2016), 1060-1064; preprint (2015).