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Andrei Ed. Druzhinin
Andrei Ed. Druzhinin


12.2014 Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Mathematics (PDMI)

06.2011 Specialist degree in Mathematics (SPbU)

Scientific interests

  • motivic algebraic geometry
  • study of cohomology theories by means of motivic categories


5 Druzhinin A. E., Smooth Affine Model for the Framed Correspondences Spectrum, Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 252 (2021), 784-793.
4 Andrei Druzhinin, Rigidity theorem for presheaves with Witt-transfers, to appear in St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal (2018); preprint.
3 Andrei Druzhinin, Framed motives over Spec Z, download, Notes for the talk at "Algebraic groups, Motives, and K-theory", Euler Institute, St Petersburg, September 2019.
2 Andrei Druzhinin, Stable connectivity theorem over a base; preprint (2019).
1 Alexey Ananyevskiy, Andrei Druzhinin, Rigidity for linear framed presheaves and generalized motivic cohomology theories; preprint (2017).