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Aleksandr S. Mokeev
Aleksandr S. Mokeev
Research Engineer

29B Line 14th (Vasilyevsky Island), 199178 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Scientific interests

  • Operator theory;
  • Quantum information theory;
  • Quantum error correction;


5 G.G. Amosov, A.S. Mokeev, A.N. Pechen, Non-commutative graphs and quantum error correction for a two-mode quantum oscillator, Quantum Information Processing 19, 95 (2020); preprint (2019).
4 G.G. Amosov, A.S. Mokeev, Non-commutative graphs in the Fock space over one-particle Hilbert space; preprint (2019).
3 G. G. Amosov, A. S. Mokeev, On Construction of Anticliques for Noncommutative Operator Graphs, Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 234:3 (2018), 269-275.
1 G. G. Amosov, A. S. Mokeev, On non-commutative operator graphs generated by covariant resolutions of identity, Quantum Information Processing (2018) 17:325.