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“Vanishing of Massey products in Galois cohomology”

“Vanishing of Massey products in Galois cohomology”

Ambrus Pal (Imperial College London)

Colloquium of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Thursday September 19 17:15 room 105 (14-th line V.I., 29)



One of the standard ways to study absolute Galois groups of fields is via embedding problems. These are not solvable in general, but recently a conjecture was made which identified a large class of embedding problems which should always have a solution. In my talk I will introduce embedding problems and talk about the proof of various special cases of this conjecture, including joint work with Tomer Schlank, Endre Szabó and Gereon Quick. If time permits I will also talk about the relationship to the Hopkins-Wickelgren conjecture, and the current status of the latter.


Everyone is welcome!