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Results of the Gabriel Lame Chair 2020

Results of the Gabriel Lame Chair 2020

The recipient of the Gabriel Lame Chair 2020 is Jean-Michel Roquejoffre, professor of the University of Toulouse.
Research interests of Professor Roquejoffre include reaction-diffusion equations, free boundary problems, Hamilton-Jacobi equations, modelling in ecology.

During his 3-month visit to Saint Petersburg in 2020 professor Roquejoffre will give a number of lectures on propagation of reaction-diffusion fronts in ecology, conduct a series of research seminars and organize an international conference on nonlinear PDEs and modeling.

Gabriel Lame Chair is a joint project of the French Embassy in Russian Federation, Jacques Hadamard Mathematics Foundation and Saint Petersburg State University aimed at fostering scientific contacts between France and Russia in the field of mathematics.