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“Quantization of hydrodynamics and Gravitational anomaly”

“Quantization of hydrodynamics and Gravitational anomaly”

Paul Wiegmann  (University of Chicago)

Chebyshev Laboratory Colloquium

Thursday June 20 17:15 room 105 (14-th line V.I., 29)



The problem of quantization of hydrodynamics is commonly considered  untractable.   Nevertheless,  nature  confronts us with experimentally accessible beautiful quantum ideal fluids with precise quantization. They are 2-dimensional and chiral.

Ideal 2D flows can be seen as orbits of the group of the  area preserving diffeomorphisms SDiff. Hence the problem of quantization is linked to representations of  SDiff and reminiscent the quantization of 2D gravity.

In the talk I present a consistent quantization scheme of 2D ideal chiral flows based on the implication of  the gravitational anomaly in hydrodynamics.


Everyone is welcome!