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«Classical motives and applications»

«Classical motives and applications»

Nikita Semenov (LMU München)

Коллоквиум лаборатории им. Чебышёва

Четверг 11 октября 17:15 ауд. 14 (14-я линия В. О., 29)


Chow motives were introduced by Alexander Grothendieck in the 60s, and they have since become a fundamental tool for investigating the structure of algebraic varieties. Moreover, the motives became one of the main languages in the algebraic geometry to formulate and to solve its problems. Computing Chow motives has also proved to be valuable for addressing questions on other topics. In my talk I will explain the concept of motives and present some applications of them to classical problems in algebra. In particular, using motives I will answer a question of Jean-Pierre Serre, under what conditions one can embed certain finite groups in the algebraic group of type E8.

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